high school ambassador program

What is an ambassador?

High school juniors and seniors in the Mobile, AL area who will act as model representatives for Lacy J Photography. Your images will be on numerous marketing materials such as flyers, signs, social media and mailers. The best part about being an ambassador is that you can earn a free full senior portrait session and print credits when your friends book from your referrals.

Who can be an ambassador?

Lacy J Photography is looking for high school juniors and seniors. All you have to do is be in good standing at your school, involved in service clubs and/or sports and have a fun outgoing personality! The ambassador program is limited to a select number of juniors and seniors each year, so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to apply.

How do i apply?

Download the contract below, fill out the form and sign, then email it back to us! If you are selected will we contact you to schedule a mini session that lasts about 10-15 minutes. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase prints and the session is no cost to you other than your time. If you choose to order prints from your mini session, we will gladly provide you with the details on how to order. Parents, you and your student MUST sign a model contract before your session. By entering this program you allow Lacy J Photography to use any/all images taken and your student’s first name and last initial to be published on ALL platforms of social media, websites and marketing materials. You are in no way confirming an obligation to purchase, simply that you have the authority to commit to the contract.

What do you get if you are an ambassador?

You will receive a free social media profile portrait (eg. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) via e-mail from Lacy J Photography with a watermark which cannot be removed or cropped out. If there are multiple applications from the same school we will post your portrait on our Facebook page where friends and family can vote. The student with the most votes will become an Ambassador. The student who receives the most votes overall will win a free $50 print credit. As an ambassador of Lacy J Photography, you will receive a free 10-15 mini session, representative business cards to hand out to your classmates, and a spot on our website showcasing your images as our model. When your referrals call and book with us, you’ll receive additional credits you can put towards prints or a free full senior portrait session.

What are my responsibilities as an Ambassador?

  • You will represent Lacy J Photography as a model. We expect you to be on your best behavior and act as a good citizen to all. We rely on your active support in promoting and sharing your rep cards. Outstanding models will receive rewards!
  • You may ONLY hand out your rep card to potential clients for Lacy J Photography, they are not intended for family and friends.
  • You must ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ our Facebook and Instagram pages, and ‘Share’ your mini session on all your personal social media platforms.
  • You must use your free social media profile portrait exclusively on all of your social media platforms until April 1st.
  • Throughout the year, we may call our models to help test out new looks or participate in
  • studio events (we will keep in mind your service club/sport schedules).
  • Have a great time representing Lacy J Photography. It’s truly an honor!